These last few months have marked an unprecedented shift in how people view and use their cities, and the restaurants, bars, and small businesses that make them unique.

Commerce has moved to the curb at an unprecedented pace—and now eateries (and the cities that depend on them) live or die based on how they can adapt: to delivery, to pickup, to retrofitting their curbs, sidewalks, parking lots and disused facilities into civic spaces where citizens can eat and engage.

Conference Themes

Met her at a bar

How can restaurants and retailers adapt in an era of takeout ordering and informal outdoor dining? How can businesses large and small harness new trends like pop-up kitchens and emerging platforms?

ghost kitchen

From huge purpose-built warehouses to repurposed old industrial spaces, dark stores and cloud kitchens are bringing new options to consumers at breakneck speed. What does this mean for mom and pop shops and the cities that love them?


The curb was already a hotly contested space, but it’s getting even more crowded now that it’s hosting diners and delivery workers. What does this mean for the world of startups also laying claim to the curb?

smart city

As curbs get more and more congested, our leaders need to think big and reimagine what their cities can be. Do they have the data, tools, and vision to ensure equitable access for all users?

Why Attend

Restaurateurs & Retailers

There’s never been a more challenging time to run a small business, but the soul of our cities depends on your continued success! Curbivore is a unique opportunity to learn from other chefs, restaurateurs, and retailers who have managed to thrive in this challenging environment.

Discover how to adapt your offerings to take advantage of new trends and logistical offerings like streateries / eatlets & ghost kitchens, how to master the art of popups, and how to profitably pivot to takeout and delivery. And get facetime with the city leaders and the next generation of startup mavens that can help you get up and running quicker than ever.

Planners, Architects & Civic Leaders

Restaurants, bars, small businesses and local institutions are the heart and soul of America’s great cities. While they’re an irreparable source of neighborhood culture, and a vital source of the sales tax revenue we collectively depend on, they’re currently struggling like never before.

Join the conversation, listen to their needs, and share your own expertise and experience – and together we can solve these thorny issues.

Startups & Technologists

New technologies are disrupting traditional businesses faster than ever before, and it’s vital that both sides come together to work out solutions that are sustainable for all parties.

Whether it’s new hardware and infrastructure like ghost kitchens and microfulfilment centers, or software plays like delivery apps and platforms, or even other exciting emerging tech that’s fighting for limited curbspace, Curbivore is where you’ll meet the people you need to get your ideas to scale.

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