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Relive the excitement of Curbivore’s 2023 agenda – hear from the brightest minds working to reinvent the worlds of worlds of delivery, mobility, dining, retail, civic spaces and so much more. And check out some photos from our 2023 event here.

2023 Sessions


VIP Opening Reception

Partners, speakers, media, select guests and All Access + VIP ticket holders should be on the look out for an email to Thursday evening’s invite-only opening reception.

CHECK-IN | 8:00 AM

Check-In, Coffee & Networking

Attendees: arrive at the Curbivore Campus (724 S. Olive St. LA, CA) bright and early on March 3rd to start your day right! Collect your badge, grab a hot latte and a pastry, and start meeting the minds rethinking the curb.


Kicking off Curbivore ’23

Welcome to Los Angeles and welcome to our most important gathering of Curbivore yet – with the world now fully “post-Covid” which changes to curbside commerce will stay and which will go?

  • Jonah Bliss Founder, Curbivore
ONE-ON-ONE | 9:25 AM

Eats: More Than Meets the Eye

Hear from Uber Eats’ David Meers, and one of the company’s top partners, about how the company is pushing “eats” beyond just restaurant cuisine, and what it means for both sides of the platform. Followed by an Uber product announcement.

  • David Meers Head of Grocery + Retail Fulfillment Products, Uber
  • Mariana Local Courier Turned Shopper
  • Kabir Jain Chief Growth Officer, Erewhon Market
  • Harry Campbell Founder, The Rideshare Guy (Moderator)
PANEL | 9:55 AM

Grading on a Curb: The State of our Streets & Cities in 2023

After a tumultuous few years, curbs, streets, sidewalks are looking a whole lot different. Which changes are permanent, what can we learn from other cities near and far, and what else is coming down the pipeline?

  • Connie Llanos General Manager, LADOT
  • Jordan Justus Co-Founder & CEO, Automotus
  • Gene Oh CEO, Tranzito
  • Tom Maguire Streets Director, SFMTA
  • Drew Grant Editorial Director, dot.LA (Moderator)
  • BREAK | 10:40 AM

    Coffee + Networking Break

    Half the fun of Curbivore is the new connections you make! Grab a cup of joe and say hey to a stranger.

  • Brought to you by Uber.

PANEL | 11:00 AM

Cooking Up Something New: New Tools, New Menus, New Spaces

A robotic pizza truck; multi-restaurant ordering; a cupcake ATM… once futuristic phrases that are now available on a street near you. Hear from the minds pushing dining forward about how local businesses can be ready for the next wave of innovation. Followed by a book giveaway and signing.

  • Benson Tsai CEO & Co-Founder, Stellar Pizza
  • Michael Montagano CEO, Kitchen United
  • Candace Nelson Founder, Sprinkles
  • Seth Cohen Co-Founder & President, Sweetfin
  • Nancy Luna Correspondent, Insider (Moderator)
BREAK | 11:45 AM

Lunch + Workshops

Try some delicious cuisine from our partners (including Stellar Pizza and Z Falafel.) Want to keep learning? Attendees should check their inboxes for hour-long workshops they can opt in to, which include:

1. Re-Imagining Curbside Charging: New approaches to curbside electric mobility that actually work

2. Mobility Solution Clinic

3. Tale of Two Cities – Curbside Patios Workshop

  • ONE-ON-ONE | 1:00 PM

    Safer Roads for All

    Cambridge Mobile Telematics shares insights into how making roads and drivers safer is something we can and should build into today’s technologies.

  • Ryan McMachon SVP, Strategy and Corporate Development, Cambridge Mobile Telematics
  • Abhi Butchibabu Senior Director of Product Management, Cambridge Mobile Telematics
  • Harry Campbell Founder, The Rideshare Guy (Moderator)
  • MEET-UP | 1:00 PM

    Pedro Santiago’s Delivery Driver Meetup

    Brought to you by Solo.

PANEL | 1:20 PM

Charging Ahead! Sustainable New Options Powering The Movements of Goods & People

Mobility – both personal and shared – is moving in a greener direction. What kind of new vehicular form factors will this enable; how will we find space to charge them all in dense, urban areas; and what does it take to insure these new, less familiar vehicles?

  • Tiya Gordon Co-Founder, Itselectric
  • Paul Vitrano Senior Vice President and Chief Legal & Policy Officer, Waev
  • Ed Walker Vice President Shared Economy & Mobility, Hub International
  • Kameale C. Terry CEO, ChargerHelp!
  • Alex Mitchell Author, Sustainable Mobility (Moderator)
PANEL | 2:05 PM

Going the Extra Mile – Building A World Designed for Delivery

As consumers have come to expect just about anything delivered to their doors in 30 minutes or less, cities and businesses are left scrambling to keep up with the changes that support this new economy. What does a world where delivery is put first look like?

  • Emre Ucer Co-Founder & CEO, Pico
  • Akash Agarwal Founder & Chief Business Officer,
  • Maria Shapiro Partnerships Lead, Nash
  • Barnaby Montgomery Co-Founder & CEO,
  • Suhauna Hussain Reporter, Los Angeles Times (Moderator)
  • BREAK | 2:50 PM

    Coffee + Networking Break

  • Take a spin around our “curb city” and kick the tires on some of the fascinating new technology on display.

  • Brought to you by Cambridge Mobile Telematics.

PANEL | 3:10 PM

Keep on Rolling – Supporting the Workers & Businesses of Tomorrow

Despite the naysayers, the economy continues to grow at a rapid pace, giving workers plenty of options. What are the tools that delivery and gig platforms need to offer workers to stay competitive, ensuring a good experience for the people that power delivery?

  • Hantz Fevry Founder & CEO, Stoovo
  • Piers Mainwaring Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Everee
  • David Pickerell CEO, Para
  • Nav Chadha VP, Spark Driver Platform, Walmart
  • Jackie Davalos Technology Reporter, Bloomberg (Moderator)
PANEL | 3:55 PM

Building for The Future – Creating Better Cities, Streets, and Businesses

Imagine a world that just works – infrastructure that’s up to date, local businesses and workers that are thriving, and anything you could want sustainably delivered at the snap of a finger. Hear from the brilliant builders working to make that possible.

  • Hilary Norton Chairwoman Emeritus & Commissioner, California Transportation Commission
  • Prescott Watson General Partner, RedBlue Capital
  • Justin Robinson VP of Strategy & Partnerships, Pipedream Labs
  • Eddie Navarrette Vice President, Independent Hospitality Coalition
  • Ben Schrom Director of Product Management, Lyft
  • Keerthi Vedantam Reporter, Crunchbase (Moderator)
ONE-ON-ONE | 4:40 PM

Delivering with Data: The Operational Efficiencies that Power “30 Minutes or Less”

From cooking directly in a truck, to optimizing the locations of dark kitchens – Wonder is putting data to work to perfect the experience of “bringing the restaurant to you.” Hear from the unicorn’s Co-Founder Chad Lore, plus partner KitchData’s Mike Jacobs, about what goes on behind the scenes.

  • Chad Lore Co-Founder & Head of Business Development, Wonder
  • Mike Jacobs Founder & CEO, KitchData
  • Nancy Luna Correspondent, Insider (Moderator)
BREAK | 5:00 PM

Happy Hour

The talks may be over, but the festivities definitely aren’t! Stick around the campus for another hour of enjoyable beverages and schmoozing. We’ll have plenty of beer, wine and non-alcoholic options on hand.

  • OFF-SITE | 6:00 PM

    After Party

    The party keeps going… badged attendees are invited to walk five minutes south to Prank Bar for the official after party.

Program Archive

In case you missed it, our previous editions’ sessions, keynotes, and workshops are available for replay below. View photos from our 2022 flagship conference here.

2022 Sessions

CHECK-IN | 8:00 AM

Check-In, Coffee & Networking

Arrive at the venue (1061 S. Flower St. LA, CA) bright and early to start your day right! Collect your badge, grab a hot latte and a pastry, and start meeting the minds rethinking the curb.

Brought to you by Snackpass.


Kicking off Curbivore

Welcome to Los Angeles and welcome to Curbivore! Jonah Bliss welcomes the audience and sets the stage for why we’ve convened for this uniquely important gathering.

  • Jonah Bliss Curbivore
ONE-ON-ONE | 9:05 AM

Delivery from the Front Lines

Hear from Uber Eats’ Sachin Kansal, and one of the company’s top couriers, about how the company learned from the past two years, and what sort of adaptations we can expect as the delivery giant branches into new verticals.

  • Sachin Kansal VP of Product, Uber
  • Barbra Watkins Courier, Uber Eats
  • Harry Campbell Founder, The Rideshare Guy
PANEL | 9:40 AM

Curbivore 2022: Calming Chaos at the Curb

After decades of underinvestment, the curb is suddenly the hottest piece of real estate in the city. But as businesses large and small fight for space, how can cities properly control and price access while ensuring their everyday citizens don’t get left behind?

  • Seleta Reynolds General Manager, LADOT
  • Gene Oh CEO, Tranzito
  • Jordan Justus CEO, Automotus
  • Matt Geller CEO & Co-Founder, Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association
  • Alex Mitchell SVP Unlocking Innovation, LACI (Moderator)
PANEL | 10:25 AM

Future Foods, Future City: Ghost Kitchens, Virtual Brands & Delivery

Does the world’s most popular restaurant even exist? New food concepts emerge on third party delivery apps in the blink of the eye, but if you went to visit, you might not exactly find a maitre’d waiting for you. Take a peek behind the curtain at the way clever new businesses are repurposing existing spaces, and the new ways their meals are getting delivered to consumers.

  • Alex Canter CEO, Ordermark & Nextbite
  • Kelly Grogan VP of Sales, Virtual Dining Concepts
  • Matt Newberg Founder, HNGRY
  • Denny Post Former CEO, Red Robin
  • MJ Chun Co-Founder & VP of Product, Serve Robotics
  • Laura Bliss West Coast Bureau Chief, Bloomberg CityLab (Moderator)
PANEL | 11:15 AM

Grocery Wars: Different Speeds for Different Needs

Don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your home to restock the pantry? Whether it’s a smaller SKU convenience order, or the breadth of a whole supermarket – a world of delivery options are now at your finger-tips. Hear how the disruptive upstarts and the 100-year old mainstay grocers are taking different approaches to this emerging vertical.

  • Oskar Hjertonsson CEO & Co-Founder, Cornershop
  • David Lin CEO, Duffl
  • Bobby Brannigan CEO, Mercato
  • Nancy Luna Correspondent, Insider
  • Louise Matsakis Investigative Reporter, NBC News (Moderator)
SPEECH | 12:00 PM

Speech by Mayor Eric Garcetti

Los Angeles is Curbivore’s host city for many reasons, including that it’s a global leader in many of the topics we hold near and dear: emerging cuisine, technology, street culture, transportation innovation, and social equity causes. We can’t wait to hear Los Angeles’ Mayor Eric Garcetti share his own thoughts on these vital topics.

  • Eric Garcetti Mayor, City of Los Angeles
BREAK | 12:15 PM

Lunch & Networking

Try some delicious food from our partners at ZIKI, Virtual Dining Concepts and many more; grab a complimentary FRO frozen yogurt or water from Bib Technologies / Automoto; witness a drone delivery by Flyby; check out the amazing technology on display; get to know your next great business partner.

ONE-ON-ONE | 1:00 PM

Superfast City: The Rise of Personalized Instant Commerce

No company has disrupted the world of commerce more than ultra-fast darling JOKR, which in just a few months has swept from Europe to the Americas on the promise of 15-minute delivery for just about everything. JOKR COO Aspa Lekka (formerly of SoftBank and Foodpanda) sits down for her first one-on-one since raising a cool $260 million. She’s joined by VC meme-king Turner Novak, whose portfolio also includes used car marketplace VINN, social ordering app Snackpass, and Canadian delivery disruptor Tiggy.

  • Aspa Lekka COO & Founder, JOKR
  • Turner Novak Partner, Banana Capital

New Forms, New Factors: Innovations for the Movement of Goods & People

First, we kick things off with an exciting announcement by Tortoise’s Dmitry Shevelenko. Then, hear from the brightest minds inventing new vehicles and charging solutions to ensure the delivery and mobility revolution is as green as can be, and get insights into what it will take to ensure all these new modes play nicely with the city’s transportation system.

  • Tom Schreiber CEO & Co-Founder, Perch
  • Dr. Regina Clewlow CEO, Populus
  • Dmitry Shevelenko Co-Founder & President, Tortoise
  • Daniel Repka Head of Sales, Sally
  • Dan Mitchell City & Community Engagement, Nuro
  • Joshua Brustein Technology Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek (Moderator)
PANEL | 2:10 PM

Everything On Demand: Last Mile Solutions for New Verticals

Once upon a time, just about the only thing you could get delivered in a day was a pizza. Now the entire world is yours in 30 minutes or less: groceries, clothing, convenience items, even marijuana and alcohol (for those in the luckier states, that is.) What are the innovative solutions that make this new world of instant delivery possible?

  • Carl Hansen VP Head of Government, Coco
  • Sheena Shiravi VP Marketing, Eaze
  • Lee Hnetinka Founder & CEO, FastAF
  • Herb Coakley Founder & CEO, Courial
  • Berber Jin Reporter, The Information (Moderator)
  • BREAK | 2:55 PM

    Coffee + Networking Break

    It’s time for one more cup o’ joe! Stretch your legs, visit the exhibitors, and keep the conversation going with your fellow attendees.

    Brought to you by Coco.

PANEL | 3:10 PM

The Pandemic Pivot: Success Stories for Chefs & Business Owners

The pandemic radically altered how and where we people eat, shop, and play. Restaurateurs, small business owners, and independent chefs / creators have had to stay nimble and adaptive to keep the lights on; what are some of the lessons that worked, and how can society at large learn from that?

  • Kevin Tan Founder & CEO, Snackpass
  • Joey Grassia Founder & Co-CEO, Shef
  • Kristen Hawley Founder & Editor, Expedite
  • Heather Kuklin Chef & CEO, Madame Shugah
  • Josh Kopel Restaurateur & President, California Restaurant Assoc. – LA
  • Keerthi Vedantam Reporter, dot.LA (Moderator)
ONE-ON-ONE | 3:50 PM

The Future Delivered: Imagining the Curb in 2030

Famed investor Mark Suster sits down with Vade’s Matty Schaefer to talk about their shared vision for the future of the curb.

  • Matty Schaefer CEO & Co-Founder, Vade
  • Mark Suster Partner, Upfront Ventures
PANEL | 4:15 PM

Anything but Asphalt: Repurposing Streets, Sidewalks, and Parking Lots

America is awash in asphalt; but if the pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that there’s better and higher uses for all this space. While cities are finally responding, it’s proven difficult to balance competing needs: public transit, marginalized food workers, innovative startups, neighborhood businesses, and many more all need a system that works for them.

  • Donald Shoup Distinguished Research Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA
  • Alex Fisch Councilmember & Former Mayor, Culver City
  • Janette Villafana Journalist, L.A. Taco
  • Catherine Geanuracos Co-Founder & CEO, CityGrows
  • Sam Roxas VP of Public Affairs, REEF
  • Jonah Bliss Curbivore (Moderator)

Happy Hour

The talks may be over, but the fun sure isn’t! Stick around the site for another hour of enjoyable beverages and schmoozing. We’ll have plenty of beer, wine, June Shine, Liquid Death, and more non-alcoholic options on hand.

  • OFF-SITE | 6:00-8:00 PM

    Vade After Party

    The party keeps going… this time to a nearby bar – Prank – for another two hours of stimulating discussions and meaningful conversations. Separate RSVP required.

    Brought to you by Vade.


Recap & Highlights

Come relive the magic of Curbivore 2022!

2020 Sessions


A Conversation with ChowNow’s CEO Chris Webb

The promises and challenges of online ordering – how restaurants are adjusting to the “new normal.”

  • Matt Newberg Founder, HNGRY
  • Chris Webb CEO, ChowNow

A Conversation with Uber Eats’ Daniel Danker

From Hailing Rides to Delivering Sides: How Uber Eats Saved Uber

  • Harry Campbell Founder, Rideshare Guy
  • Daniel Danker Head of Product, UberEats

A Conversation with CoMotion’s John Rossant – The High Stakes Battle to Claim the Curb

  • Harry Campbell Founder, Rideshare Guy
  • John Rossant Chairman, NewCities Foundation | Founder & CEO, CoMotion

Home Kitchens Meet Street Vending—The Intersection of Food & Urbanism

  • Laura Bliss West Coast Bureau Chief, Bloomberg CityLab
  • Farley Elliott Senior Editor, Eater LA

Ending Chaos at the Curb: Measuring and Managing Pickups & Deliveries

  • Jonah Bliss Creator, Curbivore | VP, CoMotion
  • David Zipper Visiting Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Dawn Miller Head of Policy, Coord
  • Harrison Azizi Director of Operations, Bond
  • Ryan Measel Co-Founder, Fantasmo

Bars, Restaurants, Cafes: How to Go Contactless for Menus and More

  • Steve Simoni CEO, Bbot

Eat This! How Local Specialty Markets Quickly Embraced Online Pickup & Delivery

  • Bobby Brannigan CEO, Mercato

Profits & Platforms in the World of Pickup & Delivery

  • Ryan Pershad Global Operations Manager, Getswift

Kitchens & Community in the COVID Era

  • Esther Tseng Food Journalist
  • Judy Ni Chef & Founder, Baology

Food Tech Revolution

  • Matt Newberg Founder, HNGRY

Walk on the Wild Side – Ensuring Equity When Opening Streets & Pedestrianizing Retailing

  • Jonah Bliss Creator, Curbivore | VP, CoMotion
  • Meghan Sahli-Wells Councilmember & former Mayor, Culver City
  • Lava Sunder General Manager, Culdesac
  • Tafarai Bayne Chief Strategist, CicLAvia
  • Sandy Heyaime Board Member, LA Nightlife Alliance

Brave New World: Virtual Brands vs Ghost Kitchens

  • Matt Newberg Founder, HNGRY
  • Carl Segal COO, Reef Technologies
  • Kristen Barnett Director of Strategy, Zuul Kitchens
  • Alex Canter CEO, Ordermark

Day Two Opening Remarks from Harry Campbell, RSG

  • Harry Campbell Founder, The Rideshare Guy

Small Vehicles for Small Trips: Reshaping Delivery for the Last Mile

  • Michal Nakashimada Movements
  • Ben Morris CEO, Coaster Cycles
  • Mina Nada CEO, Zoomo
  • Kelly Rula New Mobility Lead, Seattle DOT

Pop-up and Stand Out – New Concepts and Bold Marketing for a 2.0 World

  • Jonah Bliss Creator, Curbivore | VP, CoMotion
  • Valerie Libutti Chef & Founder, VeganTravelEats
  • Jill Sandin Founder, JS2PR
  • Marlee Blodgett Co-Founder, La Morra Pizza
  • Tara & Celene Carrara Founders & Chefs, Bungkus Bagus

Autonomous Streets & Sidewalk: How a New Fleet of Startups Are Navigating Delivery

  • Michele Kyrouz Host, Smarter Cars Podcast
  • Matthew Johnson-Roberson Co-Founder, Refraction AI
  • Dmitry Shevelenko Co-Founder, Tortoise
  • Julia Thayne Mobility Innovation Lead, LA Mayor’s Office

Delivering Profits: How to Make Off Premise Dining Work

  • Amir Efrati Executive Editor, The Information
  • Vignesh Ganapathy Government Relations, Postmates
  • Peter Szalontay CEO, Full Kitchen
  • Kelly Grogan VP Sales, Virtual Dining Concepts
  • Mark Ferguson Senior Delivery Contributor, The Rideshare Guy

Vroom Boom: Rethinking Drive-Thrus, Drive-Ins and Parking for the Coronavirus Era

  • Emma Liem Beckett Editor, Restaurant Dive
  • Scott Fitsimones Co-Founder, AirGarage
  • Michael Manion CEO, Kitchen Podula
  • Jackie Gonzalez Founder, Cinemauto

Well Oiled Machine: How Restaurants Both Large and Small Transformed Their Businesses Into Outdoor Dining Vanguards

  • Matt Newberg Founder, HNGRY
  • Sean Maloney Manager, Osteria Mozza
  • Andrew Rigie Executive Director, New York City Hospitality Alliance
  • Christelle Rohaut CEO, Codi

Order in for Sin: A Look at the Effects and Economics of Marijuana & Alcohol Delivery

  • Harry Campbell Founder, Rideshare Guy
  • David Mack SVP Policy & Public Affairs, Eaze
  • Michaela Balderston Head of Communications, Tusk Ventures
  • Chris Vaughn CEO & Founder, Saucey

Opening Remarks from Jonah Bliss, Curbivore

  • Jonah Bliss Founder, Curbivore
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