Meet the Latest 2023 Speakers

From transportation leaders, to delivery innovators, to inventive restaurateurs and retailers - the whole world of the curb comes together at Curbivore! Ticker holders will be the first to know our next round of speakers...

David Meers

Head of Grocery + Retail Fulfillment Products, Uber

Connie Llanos

Interim General Manager, Los Angeles Dept. of Transportation

Benson Tsai

CEO & Co-Founder, Stellar Pizza

Jackie Davalos

Technology Reporter, Bloomberg

Jordan Justus

Co-Founder & CEO, Automotus

Nav Chadha

VP, Spark Driver Platform, Walmart

Hilary Norton

Chairwoman Emeritus & Commissioner, California Transportation Commission

Michael Montagano

CEO, Kitchen United

Gene Oh

CEO, Tranzito

Candace Nelson

Co-Founder, Sprinkles & Pizzana

Hantz Fevry

Founder & CEO, Stoovo

Chad Lore

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development, Wonder

Akash Agarwal

Founder & Chief Business Officer,

Piers Mainwaring

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, Everee

Nancy Luna

Correspondent, Insider

Barnaby Montgomery

Co-Founder & CEO,

David Pickerell

CEO, Para

Tiya Gordon

Co-Founder, Itselectric

Emre Ucer

Co-Founder & CEO, Pico

Prescott Watson

General Partner, RedBlue Capital

Ed Walker

Vice President Shared Economy & Mobility, Hub

Keerthi Vedantam

Reporter, Crunchbase

Paul Vitrano

Senior Vice President and Chief Legal & Policy Officer, Waev

Justin Robinson

VP of Strategy & Partnerships, Pipedream Labs

Mike Jacobs

Founder & CEO, KitchData

Eddie Navarrette

Vice President, Independent Hospitality Coalition

Drew Grant

Editorial Director, dot.LA

Tom Maguire

Streets Director, SFMTA

Ryan McMahon

SVP, Strategy and Corporate Development, Cambridge Mobile Telematics

Suhauna Hussain

Reporter, Los Angeles Times

Seth Cohen

Co-Founder & President, Sweetfin

Abhi Butchibabu

Senior Director of Product Management, Cambridge Mobile Telematics

Kameale C. Terry

CEO, ChargerHelp!

Ben Schrom

Director of Product Management, Lyft

Jon Sarlin

Journalist, CNN

Maria Shapiro

Partnerships Lead, Nash

Kabir Jain

Chief Growth Officer, Erewhon Market

Harry Campbell

Founder, The Rideshare Guy

Jonah Bliss

Founder & Chief Curb Whisperer, Curbivore

2022 Speakers

From big names like the Co-Founder of ultra-fast delivery unicorn JOKR, the ``rock star of parking`` Donald Shoup, and Michelin-starred restaurateur Josh Kopel, to rising stars from the worlds of delivery, cities, restaurants, and transportation - come learn from the best at Curbivore!

Regina Clewlow

CEO & Co-Founder, Populus

Aspa Lekka

Founder & COO, JOKR

Turner Novak

Founder & Partner, Banana Capital

Eric Garcetti

Mayor, City of Los Angeles

Gene Oh

CEO, Tranzito

Alex Canter

CEO, Ordermark & Nextbite

Kelly Grogan

VP of Sales, Virtual Dining Concepts

Sachin Kansal

VP of Product Management, Uber

Mark Suster

Partner, Upfront Ventures

Laura Bliss
Laura Bliss

West Coast Bureau Chief, Bloomberg CityLab

Herb Coakley

Founder & CEO, Courial

Donald Shoup

Distinguished Research Professor of Urban Planning, UCLA

Matty Schaefer

CEO & Co-Founder, VADE

Heather Kuklin

Chef & CEO, Madame Shugah

Jordan Justus

CEO, Automotus

Alex Mitchell

SVP Unlocking Innovation, LA Cleantech Incubator

Dan Mitchell

City & Community Engagement, Nuro

Joey Grassia

Founder & Co-CEO, Shef

Credit -
Louise Matsakis

Investigative Reporter, NBC News

Bobby Brannigan

CEO, Mercato

Dmitry Shevelenko

Co-Founder & President, Tortoise

Janette Villafana

Journalist, L.A. Taco

Joshua Brustein

Technology Editor, Bloomberg Businessweek

Tom Schreiber

CEO, Perch

Seleta Reynolds

General Manager, LADOT

Vaughn Blake

Partner, Blue Bear Capital

Oskar Hjertonsson

Founder & CEO, Cornershop

Sheena Shiravi

VP Marketing, Eaze

Lee Hnetinka

Founder & CEO, FastAF

Kevin Tan

Founder & CEO, Snackpass

Sam Roxas

VP of Public Affairs, REEF

Berber Jin

Reporter, The Information

Kristen Hawley

Founder & Editor, Expedite

David Lin

CEO, Duffl

Carl Hansen

VP Head of Government Relations, Coco

Harry Campbell

Founder, The Rideshare Guy

Josh Kopel

Restaurateur & President, California Restaurant Assoc. – LA

MJ Chun

Co-Founder & VP of Product, Serve Robotics

Matt Newberg

Founder, HNGRY

Denny Post

Former CEO, Red Robin

Keerthi Vedantam

Reporter, dot.LA

Daniel Repka

Head of Sales, Sally

Catherine Geanuracos

Co-Founder & CEO, CityGrows

Jonah Bliss


Nancy Luna

Correspondent, Insider

Matt Geller

Co-Founder & CEO, Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association

Alex Fisch

Councilmember & Former Mayor, Culver City

2020 Speakers

Carl Segal

COO, Reef Technologies

Chris Webb

CEO, ChowNow

Daniel Danker

Head of Product, Uber Eats

Dawn Miller

Head of Policy, Coord

Vignesh Ganapathy

Government Relations, Postmates

Esther Tseng

Food Journalist

Ryan Pershad

Global Operations Manager, Getswift

Tara & Celene Carrara

Chefs & Founders, Bungkus Bagus

Bobby Brannigan

CEO, Mercato

Kristen Barnett

Director of Strategy, Zuul Kitchens

Judy Ni

Chef & Founder, Baology

Peter Szalontay

CEO, Full Kitchen

Steve Simoni

CEO, Bbot

Amir Efrati

Executive Editor, The Information

Harry Campbell

Founder, The Rideshare Guy

Jill Sandin

Founder, JS2PR

Jonah Bliss

Curbivore | VP New Media & Marketing, CoMotion

Luke Hopping

Micromobility / Curbivore

David Zipper

Visiting Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School

Mina Nada

CEO, Zoomo

Alex Canter

CEO, Ordermark

Marlee Blodgett

Co-Founder, La Morra Pizza

Michael Manion

CEO, Kitchen Podular

Kelly Grogan

VP Sales, Virtual Dining Concepts

Sean Maloney

Manager, Osteria Mozza

Meghan Sahli-Wells

Councilmember (and former Mayor), Culver City

Michele Kyrouz

Host, Smarter Cars Podcast

Matthew Johnson-Roberson

Co-Founder, Refraction AI

David Mack

SVP Policy & Public Affairs, Eaze

Kelly Rula

New Mobility Lead, Seattle DOT

Michal Nakashimada


Ben Morris

CEO, Coaster Cycles

Julia Thayne DeMordaunt

Mobility Innovation at Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

Tafarai Bayne

Chief Strategist, CicLAvia

Sandy Heyaime

LA Nightlife Alliance

Matt Newberg

Founder, HNGRY

Laura Bliss
Laura Bliss

West Coast Bureau Chief, Bloomberg CityLab

Farley Elliott

Senior Editor, Eater LA

John Rossant

NewCities Foundation

Founder and CEO, CoMotion

Valerie Libutti

Chef & Founder, VeganTravelEats

Harrison Azizi

Director of Operations, Bond

Mark Ferguson

Senior Delivery Contributor, The Rideshare Guy

Michaela Balderston

Head of Communications, Tusk Ventures

Chris Vaughn

CEO & Founder, Saucey

Jackie Gonzalez

Founder, Cinemauto

Emma Liem Beckett

Editor, Restaurant Dive

Jameson Detweiler

Co-Founder, Fantasmo

Lava Sunder

General Manager, Culdesac

Andrew Rigie

Executive Director, New York City Hospitality Alliance

Christelle Rohaut

CEO, Codi

Dmitry Shevelenko

Co-Founder, Tortoise

Scott Fitsimones

Co-Founder, AirGarage

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